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I recently reflected on the many challenges life throws at us daily and how blessed we are in Australia to have the resources we need to achieve our goals.  I happened upon a story about women in Uganda, who do not have the same exposure to resources, no education, quite often no electricity, running water, certainly no technology, and a huge amount of domestic violence and gender inequality.

In this day and age, the lack of so many resources in a community still exists.  This is not something I could believe, or do nothing about.

I needed to make a real difference, so I enrolled into an international program called The Glow Exchange, which is a four-month Leadership Training program that is designed to provide the tools for the participants to actualise their best selves. We get to find our extraordinary purpose by challenging perceptions of self, improving our self-worth, and fostering a culture of female leadership, while making a difference in a developing community.

With a community partnership in Kasaali, Uganda, a small rural community comprised mostly of women and children, The Glow Exchange program is creating a place for the women of Kasaali to tap into their courage, confidence and power. The centre is called The Glow Effect Centre for Women and Girls. When complete, the women can support others in their community, increase income opportunities and improve health for the future of Uganda.

The Glow Exchange has provided me the opportunity to share our resources in Australia with the women of Kasaali, and together achieve great things to improve their standard of living, for themselves and the future of their community.

As we continue to build and grow the resources with The Glow Effect Centre for Women and Girls, please help make a real difference by

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Peace & Love,