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12363233_1039636882763681_3965244806019314996_oThe community of Kasaali lacks the basic necessities of running water and electricity. More so, they lack the resources to do anything about it.

Kasaali women requested a center where they could not only learn vocational skills, but also the confidence and leadership to breakdown the cultural barriers against their gender.

The Glow Effect Centre for Women & Girls is not just a building. It is the heart of the community: a living, breathing emblem of women’s strength and creativity.

The Glow Effect Centre’s curriculum is designed to work holistically: salons and organic gardens, for example, rely on business skills and financial literacy, while business skills and financial literacy rely on leadership and confidence. With tons of moving parts and exceptional people contributing from around the world, the Centre is an ongoing opportunity for women and girls everywhere.


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Life improvements from The Glow Effect Centre:

  • SKILLS TO GENERATE INCOME: After girls leave school (at age 10-11), girls have little access to training or information. With the Glow Effect Centre, women and girls will tap into a worldwide network of resources.
  • INCREASED CONFIDENCE, POWER AND FREEDOM: Through the Glow Effect Centre’s sustainable programs, women and girls will be part of a collaborative and uplifting group of females working to transform community conditions.
  • BETTER ROLE MODELS: When mothers are receiving support from the Glow Effect Centre, they are able to afford school for their daughters and can become exceedingly better role models to emulate for change.


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Since our first trip in 2015, the Glow Effect Centre has graduated 30 women, trained 8 new class leaders and recruited 30 women for the next program. Of the women touched by the Centre: 

  • 80 percent report a decrease in domestic abuse.
  • 60 percent have discussed menstruation for first time with their daughters.
  • 80 percent report increased income.
  • 100 percent report increased confidence & self-expression.
  • 100 percent of women that suffer from HIV now speak to their doctors & family about their illness.

We can’t do this alone. Without your support, there would be no Glow Exchange. By definition, when all of us give and receive then, and only then, can we create a movement of light, love and progress. No one has ever become poor by giving.