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I believe in leadership and I believe that we ALL have the magical power to positively impact others. I struggle each morning thinking that I have all I need and want but many barely have what they need. There are moments in life where life just stops and that is how I felt being in Puruaran, Michoacan (Mexico) watching women and children not having enough resources to live. I am going to change these communities starting in Masaka, Uganda because If I don’t, who will?

We live in a world where women account for 70% of the population in poverty, 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not yet considered a crime, and two thirds of the 774 million adult illiterates are women. In Masaka, Uganda there are amazing women that are teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, pilots, business owners, astronauts and so much more. But guess what? We haven’t met them because they lack the simplest resources such as water, food, financial income and an education that me and you take for granted.

On August 14, 2015, a group of twelve women from all over the world will be transforming the lives of these women by empowering them through training and education on how to thrive in this world. Our vision is that with the resource center that we create for the women in Masaka, Uganda we will have the opportunity to meet the teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, pilots, business owners, and astronauts.

My name is Lizbeth Ruiz and I am CHANGE. Are you?

Be somebody. For somebody. The captions you make in your life will be created on the impact and difference you make on the lives of others.