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By J. W. Bruce

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The differential geometry of curves and surfaces in Euclidean area has involved mathematicians because the time of Newton. right here the authors take a unique process by way of casting the idea right into a new mild, that of singularity concept. the second one version of this profitable textbook has been completely revised all through and features a multitude of latest routines and examples. a brand new ultimate bankruptcy has been further that covers lately built recommendations within the category of capabilities of a number of variables, a topic critical to many functions of singularity thought. additionally during this moment variation are new sections at the Morse lemma and the type of aircraft curve singularities. the single must haves for college students to stick with this textbook are a familiarity with linear algebra and complicated calculus. hence will probably be valuable for somebody who would prefer an creation to the trendy theories of catastrophes and singularities.

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Is plurisubharmonic and " 7! v ? " is increasing. We let w denote the limit of v ? " as " decreases to zero. The function w is plurisubharmonic as a decreasing limit of plurisubharmonic functions. It satisfies, for all " > 0, w Ä u ? " since vj ? " Ä u ? " . On the other hand for all " > 0, u Ä v Ä v ? " hence uÄu Dv Äw Äu? ": Since u ? " converges to u in L1loc , we conclude that u D w is plurisubharmonic. Note that the set fu < u g has Lebesgue measure zero. 41. If f W ! C is a holomorphic function such that f 6Á 0 and c > 0, then c log jf j 2 PSH.

Uj / d C juj ? u ? " u/ d : Á1 such that u? " jd We use here the key fact that uj ? " uj 0. u? " u/ d and by equicontinuity, uj ? " ! u ? " uniformly on K as j ! C1. u ? C1 K The monotone convergence theorem ensures that the right-hand side converges to 0 as " & 0. Since uj ? " ! u ? " locally uniformly in " and uj Ä uj ? " , it follows that lim sup uj Ä u ? " in , hence lim sup uj Ä u in . u lim sup uj /d As u lim sup uj u lim supj uj D 0 almost everywhere in K. uj ? K " h/ ! u ? uj ? for fixed " > 0.

The 1 locus of a plurisubharmonic function u/. Let ' be a plurisubharmonic function in n F which is locally bounded near F . Show that ' uniquely extends through F as a plurisubharmonic function. 18. Let Cn be a domain and A Cn an analytic subset of complex codimension 2. Let ' be a plurisubharmonic function in n A. see [Cirka] for some help/. 19. Let f W two domains Cn , 0 0 for z 2 , 0 ! 0 be a proper surjective holomorphic map between Ck . z/ D z 0 g: Show that v is plurisubharmonic in 0 . 20.

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