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27 aka The Hunt

Because the international trembles with the strategy of worldwide conflict II, a girl dies by the hands of Hitler's henchmen. Her homicide without end alterations her lover, Francis Scott Keegan, a constant anti-Nazi mercenary, who turns into locked in a determined cat-and-mouse online game with the 3rd Reich's excellent undercover agent, a guy of 1000 faces.

Fletch Won

Fletch WonAs a fledgling reporter, Fletch is doing extra flailing than anything. That and floating round from division to division attempting to determine the place he matches in. His coping with editor’s acquired him pegged for the society pages, however the type of society Fletch will get concerned with is whatever yet well mannered.

Rushing To Paradise

"[A] chilling . . . story approximately people who gamely persist with their very own worst instincts. ”―Chicago Tribune Led by means of a charismatic and just a little unhinged girl, a bunch of environmentalists wrest keep an eye on over a small South Pacific island in hopes of cultivating it into their very own inner most Eden. yet paradise isn't really what it sort of feels during this “searing” (Kirkus experiences) send-up of environmentalism, feminism, and extremism of every type.

Two Old Faiths: Essays on the Religions of the Hindus and the Mohammedans

Where of Hinduism—which is professed by means of a couple of hundred and 90 hundreds of thousands in India—among the religions of the area, and its nice antiquity, are mentioned. The comparative simplicity of the process inside the Vedas, the oldest sacred books of the Hindus, its virtually complete freedom from using photos, its sluggish deterioration within the later hymns, its sluggish multiplication of gods, the improvement of sacerdotalism, and the expanding complexity of its spiritual rites are set forth.

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GPS. The works. ' Currie looked over at Swann, and his partner tilted his head: your call. Currie looked back at Frank Carroll and forced out another smile he didn't feel. 'We'll do that, Mr Carroll,' he said. ' Chapter Seven Monday 22nd August Two weeks after visiting Tori in hospital I drove across town, on my way somewhere I hadn't been in nearly a year. The last fortnight had been a pack of hot, sweaty days, and today was the first real reminder that summer wasn't going to last for ever. The sun had spent the morning hidden behind a sky full of grey mist.

I called out and knocked twice on the open door as I went in. She was expecting me - I heard a click, and then the whirr of the vacuum cleaner winding down. Linda was in her early forties and pleasantly rounded: a lovely, amiable woman who turned up in old jeans and jumpers and seemed to get a kick out of cleaning. Which is a pretty enviable gene to have. She was standing just outside the kitchen now, wiping her forehead with the back of her arm. As I walked up, she smiled at me and blew hair out of her eyes.

Not afraid, exactly, but not far off either. The speed with which the TV had gone quiet reminded him of a spider going still as a fly snagged on its web. He could almost imagine the man inside, equally motionless. Listening. After a minute, the door opened. They were faced by a tall, thin man. He was wearing a white shirt too large for him, and old, rubbery tracksuit bottoms. Currie didn't even recognise him at first. The photograph in the file had shown a man in his late thirties with a good-looking, symmetrical face.

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