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By Uriel Rosenthal, Bert Pijnenburg

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R. Czada and A. Drexler, "Konturen einer politischen Risikoverwaltung: Politik und Administration nach Tschernobyl," Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Politikwissenschaft, 1988 (17), 53-66. R. Czada, "Wirtschaftsstrukturpolitik: Institutionen, Strategien, und Konfliktlinien in der Bundesrepublik," in K. v. G. ), Politik in der Bundesrepublik (Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1990). M. Deicher, A. Ernst, H. Hofsaess and C. Hohenemser, The Accident at Chernobyl: Issues in Local Risk Management (Konstanz: University of Constance, unpublished manuscript, 1986).

Meanwhile, those in charge at the offices of the port-admiralty and the PSR service in Zeebrugge no longer had any doubts about the gravity of this emergency situation (whatever its exact nature and scale, which so far nobody really knew, might be). The chief of the PSR service decided in his turn to get into contact with the hospital AZ Sint-Jan in Brugge, as well as a number of nearby ambulance services, and ask for medical assistance. By then another tug, a crane barge, a British freight ferry, a coaster and two fishing-boats had also already left the port of Zeebrugge and were heading towards the disaster site.

Thus it was demonstrated to the general public that even science worked by balancing contradictory facts and trying to make the best of uncertain consequences. To restore and strenghten the CRP's credibility and legitimacy will remain problematic as scientists whose views on prevention and protection are reduced to the idea of getting rid of nuclear power once and for all have gained a larger supportive audience after the Chernobyl disaster. e. e. among agencies at, respectively, the federal, state and county levels.

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