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By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

ISBN-10: 0099981904

ISBN-13: 9780099981909

ISBN-10: 1407053264

ISBN-13: 9781407053264

A afflicted younger guy commits the best crime: the homicide of a vile pawnbroker whom not anyone will leave out. Raskolnikov is determined for cash, yet he convinces himself that his purpose for the homicide is to profit mankind. So starts a sad novel that illuminates the everlasting fight among human feelings and wish, and the tough legislation of ethics and justice. half mystery and half philosophical meditation, it is a penetrating examine the center of human nature.

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She could be heard opening the chest of drawers. “Must be the top drawer,” he figured.  .  .  .  . Now that’s curious.  . ” The old crone came back. “Here you are, dearie: if it’s ten kopecks to the rouble per month, you’ll owe me fifteen kopecks on a rouble and a half for the month to come, sir. And you also owe me twenty kopecks by the same reckoning for the previous two roubles. That makes thirty-five altogether. I now owe you altogether one rouble and fifteen kopecks for your watch. ” “What!

But soon he lapsed as if into deep-thought, or even, more precisely, into some sort of oblivion, and walked on no longer noticing what was around him, and not wishing to notice. He only muttered something to himself from time to time, out of that habit of monologues he had just confessed to himself. And at the same moment he was aware that his thoughts sometimes became muddled and that he was very weak: it was the second day that he had had almost nothing to eat. He was so badly dressed that another man, even an accustomed one, would have been ashamed to go out in such rags during the daytime.

It’s just as I thought! That’s the worst of all! Some stupid thing like that, some trivial detail, can ruin the whole scheme!  .  . My rags certainly call for a cap, even if it’s some old pancake, not this monster.  . above all, it will be remembered later, so there’s evidence for you.  .  . ” He did not have far to go; he even knew how many steps it was from the gate of his house: exactly seven hundred and thirty. Once, when he was far gone in his dreaming, he had counted them. At that time he did not yet believe in these dreams of his, and only chafed himself with their ugly but seductive audacity.

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