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By Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski

ISBN-10: 9814546887

ISBN-13: 9789814546881

The foremost problem for the present new release of mankind is to strengthen a shared imaginative and prescient of a destiny that's either fascinating to nearly all of humanity and ecologically sustainable. making a Sustainable and fascinating destiny deals a large, severe dialogue on what this kind of destiny should still or will be, with worldwide views written via many of the world's top thinkers, together with: Wendell Berry, Van Jones, Frances Moore Lappe, Peggy Liu, Hunter Lovins, Gus Speth, invoice McKibben, and plenty of more.

Readership: Undergraduates, pros, researchers, and a person attracted to what a sustainable and fascinating destiny may possibly seem like.

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Kubiszewski describes the process of envisioning and how we can, and urgently need to, do it better. The following two chapters by William S. Becker and Frances Moore Lappé encourage us all to envision and think differently about the kind of future we really want. Part 2 is devoted to future histories. All the chapters assume that we are in the future and have already created the world we want. They describe this future and, to different extents, explain how we reached it. The first chapter in this section, by Robert Costanza and colleagues, describes what the worldviews, built capital, human capital, social capital, and natural capital might be like in 2050.

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