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By Christina Birkenhake

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This publication explores the speculation of abelian types over the sphere of complicated numbers, explaining either vintage and up to date leads to smooth language. the second one variation provides 5 chapters on fresh effects together with automorphisms and vector bundles on abelian kinds, algebraic cycles and the Hodge conjecture. ". . . way more readable than so much . . . it's also even more complete." Olivier Debarre in Mathematical reports, 1994.

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7 also H vanishes on V2 n iV2 . Since H is nondegenerate, V2 n iV2 = {O} and thus V = V2 + iV2 • This implies the assertion. 0 The hermitian form H is symmetric on V2 , since its imaginary part E vanishes there. 1 the symmetric form B is defined on the whole of V. The following properties of Hand B will be frequently applied. 2) Lemma. a) (H - B)( v, w) = { 2iE(Ov, w) if (v, w) E V (v,w) E V2 X V2 X V . b) If H is positive definite, then Re(H - B) is positive definite on VI' Proof. As for a): H - B = 0 on V x V2 , since H is

3, equa- {J~(v) = e(-nH(v,c) - ~H(c,c)){J~(v+c) for all W E (5) K(L )1. Hence it suffices to prove the Theorem in the case c = o. 56 Chapter 3. ' WN E A(Lh denote a set ofrepresentatives of K(Lh = A(L)J/A I . 3 it suffices to show that the functions e( - ~ B) 'l9fij , v = 1, ... ,N are linearly independent. We will do this by comparing the coefficients of their Fourier series. For all v E V and 1 ~ v ~ N we have according to (2) and (4) e( -~B(v, v))'l9~)v) = aLo (wv' v)-Ie( -~B(v, v) + ~B(v + Wv' v + wJ) .

Hence "~,, is a functor from the category of complex tori into itself. The following proposition says that this functor is exact. 2) Proposition. If 0 --- Xl --- X 2 --- X3 --- 0 is an exact sequence of complex tori, the dual sequence 0 --- X3 --- X2 --- Xl --- 0 is also exact. Proof. Suppose Xv = Vv / Av. Applying the serpent lemma, the induced sequence of lattices 0 --- Al --- A2 --- A3 --- 0 is exact. As a sequence of free abelian groups it splits, so that 0--- Hom(A3' (1\) --- Hom(A 2, (Cl) --- Hom(Au (CI) --- 0 is also exact.

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