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This compendium describes all identified zeolite framework forms. the 1st half offers a pictorial description of ways the framework could be equipped utilizing periodic construction devices (PerBUs). The PerBUs are outfitted from smaller devices composed of a constrained variety of T-atoms (such as Si, Al, P, Ga, B, Be etc.) by way of employing basic operation(s) to the smaller unit, e.g. translation, rotation. The zeolite framework forms are analysed when it comes to those part PerBUs. the second one half covers the bigger cages, cavities and/or channels within the zeolite framework including the framework sort codes (FTCs) during which they seem. moreover, appendices are incorporated for easy-referencing. appendices are additional. the 1st giving a survey of cages as kind features with their FTCs. the second one summarizing these channels and cavities that seem in additional than one framework type.The Compendium of Zeolite Framework varieties comprises complementary details to the knowledge within the "Atlas of Zeolite Framework varieties" (Baerlocher et al (2001) Elsevier, London). The latter comprises the topological symmetry, unit mobile facts and pore dimensions.

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The lio cage is also found in FAR, LIO, MAR and TOL. Apertures of “channels” are formed by 6-rings only. {0 [46617]} c {0 [4665]} can cage lio cage Fig. 3. can Cage (left), lio cage (middle) and connection of cages (right) viewed perpendicular to c. 22 AFI Building Scheme 1. Periodic Building Unit Hexagonal AFI can be built using the crankshaft chain (bold in Figure 1, left) running parallel to c. A one-dimensional PerBU is obtained when six crankshaft chains are connected into a channel with a 12-ring aperture.

3. Top: channel intersection viewed along c (left) and along b (right). Bottom: interconnection of channel intersections into an 8-ring channel parallel to b viewed along c (left) and into a 12-ring channel parallel to c viewed along b (right). 30 AFS Building Scheme 1. Periodic Building Unit Hexagonal AFS can be built using units of 14 T atoms. The T14-unit consists of a 3-fold (1,3,5)connected double 6-ring “capped” on each side by a single T atom (a [4663]-cage; see inset Figure 1). The two-dimensional PerBU equals the layer obtained by connecting T14-units, related by a 3-fold axis and a 2-fold axis (parallel to [110]), through 4-rings as shown in Figure 1.

36 AFY Building Scheme 1. Periodic Building Unit AFY can be built using the double 4-ring (D4R) drawn bold in Figure 1. The PerBU equals the hexagonal layer obtained by connecting D4Rs through 4-rings around a 3-fold inversion axis as shown in Figure 1. b a Fig. 1. PerBU viewed along c (left) and along [120] (right). 2. Connection mode Neighboring PerBUs, related along c by a pure translation, are connected along c through single T–T bonds. 8-Rings are formed (Figure 2). c a Fig. 2. Connection mode and unit cell content viewed along [120].

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