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By : Craig Freudenrich, John Benner, David Bethel, Dana Desonie, Corliss Karasov, Mary Lusk, Erik Ong, Kurt Rosenkrantz, Julie Sandee

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Political or geographic maps show the outlines and borders of states and/or countries. These are but a few types of maps that various earth scientists might use. You can easily carry a map around in your pocket or bag. Maps are easy to use because they are flat or two-dimensional. However, the world is three-dimensional. So, how do map makers represent a three-dimensional world on flat paper? Let’s see. Map Projections The Earth is a three-dimensional ball or sphere. In a small area, the Earth looks flat, so it is not hard to make accurate maps of a small place.

Topographic maps have contour lines which connect points of identical elevation above sea level. * Contour lines run next to each other and adjacent contour lines are separated by a constant difference in elevation, usually noted on the map. Topographic maps have a horizontal scale to indicate horizontal distances. Topographic maps help users see the how the land changes in elevation. * Many people use topographic maps to locate surface features in a given area, to find their way through a particular area, and to determine the direction of water flow in a given area.

Topography describes how the Earth’s surface varies in elevation. Mountains form the highest areas. Valleys and trenches form the lowest areas. Both continents and ocean basins have mountains and mountain ranges. They each also have plateaus, plains, and valleys or trenches. 27 • Mountains form as continents collide and as volcanoes erupt. Mountains are worn away by wind and water. The earth’s surface is constantly changing due to these creative and destructive processes. Review Questions 1. What information might you need to describe the location of a feature on the Earth’s surface?

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CK-12 Earth Science (2009) (Flexbook) by : Craig Freudenrich, John Benner, David Bethel, Dana Desonie, Corliss Karasov, Mary Lusk, Erik Ong, Kurt Rosenkrantz, Julie Sandee

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