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Fifteenth-century writer Christine de Pizan is prominent for the extensiveness and the range of her writing, and is healthier identified for her insightful protection of girls. She, like many medieval writers, usually used literary personification as a motor vehicle for conveying her notion. it's been spotted by way of many commentators variety of the feminine literary figures Christine created had an unmistakably deified air of secrecy about  Read more...

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The ailanthus tree planted on these grounds reappeared in Four Quartets, as does the Mississippi River, the ‘strong brown god’ (CPP, 184) that had made such a deep impression on him as a child. Eliot himself graduated from Smith Academy – the boys counterpart to Mary Institute – in 1905. The year before he left school, he had attended the grand St Louis World’s Fair. Originally scheduled for 1903 to celebrate the centenary of the Louisiana Purchase, but delayed to accommodate greater national and international participation, the fair opened on 30 April 1904 and ran for eight months.

Aside from their poetic value, Eliot’s urban explorations also supplied an antidote to the genteel society of Harvard and Boston, in which he moved as an undergraduate with relatives in the city. 4 As he acquainted himself with realities that genteel Boston society chose to keep at a distance, Eliot felt uneasy with what he saw as a morally complacent and only superficially cultured society. 5 Several poems in Eliot’s first collection – ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, ‘Portrait of a Lady’, ‘The Boston Evening Transcript’, ‘Aunt Helen’, ‘Cousin Nancy’, and ‘Mr Apollinax’ – satirise the remoteness of Boston society from contemporary life, criticising a tendency to turn away from what was new, unfamiliar or unpleasant.

Even the wry substitution of the Greek word for the Latin insists upon a kind of homelessness, a translation between traditions. In context, what Eliot’s usage was primarily meant to underscore was not his foreign origin (he had been a British subject since 1927), but his larger resistance to the incursion of temporal claims into the realm of religion. As with so many of Eliot’s allusions, however, the figure of Metoikos draws on a longer history of the term’s use in his work, already several decades old by 1945.

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