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The difference is that in the rotating sector technique one follows the amplitude of the output signal as a function of modulation frequency, rather than the phase. In most applications the 'amplitude' which is measured is given by the relative yield of some chemical product , but measurements of the intensity of emitted light as a function of modulation frequency have also been used.

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The small sampling leak L leads, via the mass spectrometer ion source S, to a diffusion pump D. In later versions of the apparatus jet J is replaced by a small sphere with six 0. 1 mm holes, and the jet is moved by an external magnet operating on an iron slug. Fig. 5 LABOR A TOR Y STUDIES 45 mixed with a large excess of argon or helium, through a microwave dis­ charge, and then observed the ensuing reaction of the atoms with 0 3 • The progress of the reaction was followed by monitoring the decrease in the 0 3 concentration, as indicated by the height of the peak at mass 48 , as a function of reaction time .

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