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By Mario Tagliazucchi, Igal Szleifer

ISBN-10: 0323401821

ISBN-13: 9780323401821

ISBN-10: 0323413625

ISBN-13: 9780323413626

Chemically converted Nanopores and Nanochannels is dedicated to chemically transformed nanopores and nanochannels, and covers the basics of shipping in chemically changed structures, an account of the various practise and characterization ideas of chemically changed nanopores, their purposes, and case reviews.

The publication is designed for fabrics and biomaterials scientists, biomedical engineers, chemists, and chemical engineers who're attracted to designing and using approaches to synthesize, adjust, signify, use, and version nanopores. The powerful chemical concentration of the booklet differentiates it from different books released on nanopores, which usually concentration both on physics, biophysics, and nanofabrication (solid-state nanopores) or biophysics and biology (biological ion channels and pores).

  • Explains how the chemical amendment of nanopores and nanochannels can be utilized in filtration, membranes, and sensing
  • Provides complicated assurance of novel artificial applications
  • Focuses at the newest advancements in nanopore and nanochannel engineering
  • Presents an account of different practise and characterization ideas of chemically changed nanopores, their functions, and case studies

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