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1 Determination of microscopic Factor:Place the stage micrometer on the stage of the microscope and focus on the scale first with the 16mm objective and then with the oil immersion objective. Move the stage micrometer until one end of the scale is at the edge of the microscopic field. 01 mm each) in the maximum diameter of the field and thus determine the diameter of the field. 206 mm depending on the length of the draw tube of the microscope. Usually American microscopes are adjusted to a draw tube length of 160 mm and Europ'ean microscopes to 170mm.

01 ml. mark. Touch the tip of the pipette to the centre of a one square centimeter area on a slide and expel the entire volume of milk. With a flamed bent point needle spread the portion of milk uniformly over the centre of one square centimetre area on the slide. Wipe needle between samples on a clean dry tissue or towel. After spreading, dry the smears at 40-45 Q C within 5 minutes on level surface protected from dust and insects. Rapid heating may cause the film to crack and peel out during later treatments.

1 Introduction - This is a simple field test used for finding out the presence of fibrin, mucous and clots of milk in fore milk which is an indication of mastitis infection. Most cases of acute mastit is and 10 per cent of chronic infections are detected by this test. 2 Materials - Strip-cup (a piece of finely woven black cloth or screen stretched lightly over a cup and held in place by a rubber band). 1 Wash the first 2 or 3 streams of fore milk to fall on the black cloth or screen of the strip-cup.

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