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By W. P. Cochrane (auth.), R. W. Frei, J. F. Lawrence (eds.)

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The first quantity during this sequence is dedicated to derivatization innovations in chromatography, for extraordinarily seen purposes. In fuel chromatography (GC) chemical derivatization as an relief to extend the usefulness of the process has been identified for greater than a decade and has turn into a longtime procedure. the 1st bankruptcy bargains to a superb volume with derivatization for the aim of constructing compounds amenable to Gc. even supposing the dialogue concentrates on insecticides, a few commonly legitimate conclusions could be drawn from this bankruptcy. Chemistry should not constrained to the separation-it may also have a stated influence at the pattern cleanup, one other subject cov­ ered in bankruptcy 1. because the advent of coupled GC-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS), an important instrument, derivatization ideas have taken nonetheless one other di­ rection-taking into account chromatographic in addition to mass spec­ trometric development of the compounds of curiosity. Cyclic boronates are mentioned as derivatization reagents for this objective within the moment chapter.

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Cochrane photomirex at levels > 10 ppb in the presence of 1000-fold greater levels of PCBs (Figure 3). 1 ppm level, in water, sediment, sludge, shearwaters, fish, seals, milk, and human fat. 3. (6,7,19,20,25) Young and Burke,(25) using butterfat as substrate and reftuxing with 2% ethanolic KOH for 15 min, found that I ml of reagent would saponify about 50 mg offat. 0 flg) was not achieved. 0 flg) was completely dehydrochlorinated in the presence of 100-120 mg of fat. Krause(19) also investigated the use of 2% ethanolic KOH in the quantitation analysis of Perthane residues in food products.

The irreversible intermolecular photoisomerization of chlordene to form the fJ- and y-chlordene isomers. (101) Another very important photoreaction observed in the chlordane group is dechlorination reactions in various solvents. In this case the didechlorinated product and the two possible monodechlorinated CIC=CCI doublebond isomers (only for asymmetric cyclodienes) are formed. The above photoreactions have been thoroughly reviewed by Parler and Korte, (106) their GC retention indices determined on OV_17,(107,10S) and their application in confirmatory test analysis are as listed in Table 8 (see also Figure 12).

O II CHa I COCFa I (CHaO)2-P-O-C=CH-CON-CHa The detection limit, using a 3% OV-21O column at 170 0 e and a FPD, was about 2 ppb in fresh, frozen, or pureed strawberries. (201) It has also been found(202) that sulfoxides are reduced on trifluoracetylation and a trifluoroacetoxy group formed. Dasanit and dasanit oxon both reacted with TF AA at room temperature for 15 min to give trifluoroacetoxymethyl sulfide 47 Chemical Derivatization in Pesticide Analysis derivatives as single products, respectively, in >90% yield.

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