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Figure 13 illustrates the absolute sensitivity of the method evaluated in the conditions of this experiment. It was sufficient to have three ions for stable recording of one resolved spectral interval. 3, it took 10 atoms to produce 3 ions. The volume of detecting covered only 1/7 of the atomic beam cross section. The atomic velocity in the beam 5 x 10^ cm/s and the laser beam diameter 1 mm, the duty time between laser pulses for intercepting all atoms must be 5 x 10^ times less than that used in the experiment.

First, the laser field can change the atomic quan­ tum state and influence thereby its trajectory in external fields. Second, at multiple photon reradiation the atom can change the direction of its motion due to the recoil effect. It is also possible to combine these methods with the fluores­ cence and photoionization methods. Laser Selective Detection of Single Atoms A. Deflection of Atoms in Magnetic 29 Fields Selective laser excitation of the atom to a certain quantum state from the ground state changes its quantum numbers which can change its motion in external electric and magnetic fields.

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