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In a pilot study no VIP immunoreactive material was discovered in either of the two principal islets of Cottus scorpius (J. Fahrenkrug and S . Falkmer, unpublished). GASTRIN - C C K - C A E R U L E I N The phylogeny of the gastrin family of the G E P neurohormonal peptides is also incompletely known, and, because of the close similarities in the molecules of the various forms of gastrin, C C K , and caerulein, some controversies exist. In an earlier review (44) it was stated that it seemed as if GEP NEUROENDOCRINE EVOLUTION 31 some kind of gastrin-CCK-caerulein-like polypeptides are produced, or at least stored, not only in the GI mucosa of all vertebrates and several invertebrates but also in the CNS of some species of both groups.

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