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12 exhibits a continuous decay with increasing duration of electron beam irradiation. This demonstrates that exposure to the electron beam results in the increase of carrier lifetime (), since ICL is proportional to 1/. Similar phenomena were also observed in GaN, where the decay of NBE CL intensity occurred concomitantly with increasing diffusion length [38,50,51]. To characterize the intensity decay, we relate it to the diffusion length, L, which is known to vary linearly with duration of irradiation (cf.

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The peak range of this band exhibits local maxima of the blue series. Also the lines of orange series at 573, 583, 612 nm become apparent. The red series is weak, while the infrared series is hardly seen. The range of the band series observed in the spectra of pulsed cathodoluminescence corresponds to the range of intrinsic radiation of yttria, which is identified as the radiation of associated donor-acceptor pairs Y3+ - O2- [Bordun, 2002]. Since the luminescence wavelengths of narrow bands of commercial powders, nanopowders coincide, we can assume that these materials contain intrinsic luminescence centers of the same type.

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