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;Canadian army historical past, Vol. three: 1875-2000 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Canadian army historical past, Vol. three: 1875-2000Автор: Serge BernierИздательство: paintings GlobalISBN: 2920718517Год издания: 2000Страниц: 252Язык: АнглийскийФормат: PDFКачество: отличноеРазмер: 30 МбОписание:Canadian army background from XIX century until the nowdays.0

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Ed. Lindsay) 453L (2nd cent. ) reports the size of the legion “after Marius” as 6,200, and Serv. Aen. 1–2 (4th cent. ), gives the legion’s size as 6,000 infantry and 300 cavalry. Both Festus and Servius refer to Republican legions, see Roth (1994) 347–8. 8–10; Caes. BCiv. 1; App. Mith. 12,84; Plut. Luc. 1; Pomp. 1; Caes. 1. 8–9; Sall. Iug. 4. 92 As noted by Kubitschek (1924) 1196. 93 Raaflaub (1987) 262. 94 Such statutes, though none survive, certainly also governed the size of Roman military units.

157 Jos. 436. 158 Goldsworthy (1996) 292. 159 Junkelmann (1997) 163. 12. Price (1992) 201, generally critical of the Talmud’s historicity, accepts the gist of this story. ”168 Sacrifices also occurred on other occasions. ”169 A papyrus from Dura-Europus, dated ca. 223–227, contains a calendar of sacrifices performed by the military unit stationed there. 170 Meat Ration Given these many references, one can scarcely deny that meat was clearly a part of the Roman military diet. On the other hand, one 161 Front.

Iug. 2. App. Pun. 17,116. 63 Le Roux (1994) 404. g. Labisch (1975) 30, although he does discuss the provisioning of other troops, especially with reference to foraging. 65 Polyb. 13–15. 11. 61 62     17 Roman empire grew, it drew on such auxiliary soldiers from an everwider area. 67 In the imperial period auxiliary and allied forces always accompanied Roman armies in large numbers. 68 In the Flavian era many of the nominally independent “client” states were absorbed into the provincial structure of the empire and their armies integrated into the regular army.

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