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These organizations make up a larger system (many such organizations plus their interrelationships). The focus is not on the individual Of on whole societies, but on two- and three-unit organizational sets. Agency A interacts with agency B and group C, with an outcome X. eo Second, the main concepts are few in number and lack highly symbolic connotations. , E",~ ~ar dt Nuevo, Chllt, dtlpuh de la Ullidad Popula,; Volodia Tcilelboim. R• .. trative processes, see Aaron Wildavsky, The Po/lties ollhe Budgetary ProctSS; Gordon TuUo<:t.

First year of the government of Jorge Alessandri (1958-64), so it is nol possible to discern an increase in his support through voting data. The surge of the executive's patty or coalition was due in great part to the newly accrued presidential stature of its leader. ID every case, however, tbis backing declined in succeeding elecliolL'l. Reduced strength at the polls had connotations for the legitimacy accorded to government officials and for their ability to rule effectively in the later years of their ferm.

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