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Букварь танка Тигр"- с юмором и ,что называется -на пальцах, говорится
об устройстве ,эксплуатации и боевом применении танка "Тигр".
Книга издана в годы WW2 (Вторая мировая война)

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Additionally, ethnic ties may also motivate states to start secession movements within neighboring states or to initiate a war in addition to motivating states to join in ongoing civil wars. Finally, see Strang and Tuma (1993) for a more general argument about “risk populations” which is applicable to cross-border ethnic ties. 38 Fearon 1998; Saideman 1998. 39 Fearon 1998. 40 Garb 1998. This likely explains Fearon and Laitin’s (2003) finding that ethnic divisions cannot explain the onset of civil war once other factors are controlled for.

80 Walter (2009) makes it quite clear that civil wars are just as much of a bargaining game as interstate wars and that the same basic framework of private information and commitment problems which explain the causes, duration and termination of interstate wars explain the same concepts in civil wars. 81 Thus, the civil wars themselves do not present an obstacle to this approach. There are, however, two main potential objections to the proposition that new or revealed information causes non-belligerents to join war which need to be addressed.

27 Crawford 2003; Jervis 1994; Leeds 2005; Leng 1993; Smith 1995; Smith 1996. The fundamental problem is that the third party wants to deter both its ally’s enemy and its ally from going to war. 28 Colaresi, Rasler and Thompson 2007; Diehl and Goertz 2000. Salehyan (2009) makes a similar argument about the spread of civil wars. 29 Gelpi 1999; Richardson 1999; Tams 1999; Tuschhoff 1999. 30 Keohane, Haftendorn and Wallander 1999. 31 Thus, it is possible institutions may limit the spread of conflict.

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