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Bioprocessing: an exhilarating new engineering self-discipline. It combines the improvement and optimization of biotechnological approaches with potent thoughts to get well and purify the specified items. protection in addition to expense play a huge position right here. This quantity covers the immensely differentiated spectrum of recommendations and operations of bioprocessing, offered through the main useful specialists within the box. an outline of upstream and downstream processing is given, fermentation and telephone tradition methods and the layout of microbial fermenters are awarded. A remaining crew of chapters is devoted to problems with strategy validation, dimension, and legislation. themes incorporated are: commercial telephone Cultures/ Pharmaceutical Proteins/ Bioreactors/ Media and Air Sterilization/ Oxygen move/ Scale Implications/ Fermentation information research/ mobilephone and particles removing/ Protein Purification/ Electrokinetic Separations/ ultimate restoration Steps/ approach Validation

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Batch or fed-batch culture has proved to solved oxygen and other nutrients, adding volbe quite popular in the biopharmaceutical in- ume to the total system. When cell density is dustry. Many companies have pilot or com- calculated on this total volume basis, the den- (where the microcarriers are suspended by gentle agitation in a stirred tank reactor), or airlift bioreactors. Heterogeneous systems are characterized by the fact that cells are generally entrapped or immobilized on a surface or within a microsphere (or macroporous microcarrier) and the bioreactor hydrodynamics imposes spatial gradients on the system.

Common forms of column chromatography applied at the pilot and commercial scale are size exclusion, ion-exchange, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. High pressure liquid chromatography, while practiced extensively at the bench, is not often applied at the pilot or commercial scale. Occasionally phase extraction is used as a method of concentration and purification as in the case of a-interferon. Product recovery validation must include demonstration of DNA and virus removal. 29 While all protein products from recombinant processes must address the clearance of DNA, virus titer reduction is unique to animal cell processes where such infection is possible.

MAIGETTER, FISH, N. , LILLY,M. D. (1984), The interactions MASUREKARand MONAGHANfor numerous between fermentation and protein recovery, Bio/ helpful editorial comments. Technology 2, 623-628. The authors also wish to thank Professor N. HAMMOND,S. , BROOKES,I. K. (1992), Near inW . KOSSEN (Gist-Brocades) and Dr. S. CARfrared spectroscopy - powerful technique for atline and on-line analysis of fermentations, in: LEYSMITH (Smithkline Beecham) for data Harnessing Biotechnology for the 21st Century shown in Figs.

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