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O. et al. (1980). In pucpa/iation. Y. N. ,and Numa, S. (1979). NatuAC {London) 17%, 423. , and Cohen, P. (1980). PKOC. hlatl. Acad. Sei. USA 77, n°5. , and Herbert, E. (1977). PWC. Hatl. Acad. Scl. USA 74, 5300. , and Gainer, H. (1979). PKOC. hlatl. Acad. Sei. USA 76, 6086. , and Takabatake, Y. (1964). EndocAlnology 75, 943. , and Richter, D. (1979). Fed. Eu&. Blochom. Soc. Lett. /OS, 311. , and Sachs, H. (1964). EndocAlnology 75, 934. Biosynthesis, Modification, and Processing of Cellular and Viral Polyproteins ON THE BIOSYNTHETIC ORIGIN OF NEUROPHYSIN-NEUROHYPOPHYSEAL PEPTIDE HORMONE COMPLEXES Christopher J.

However, since it is unlikely that intact hormone or internal hormone fragment (without peptide extensions) would be derived by tryptic digestion of the precursor, there is no direct way to identify the extra peptides in Fig. 6 as hormone-related except by isolation and sequencing. While the latter is planned, we will need more and purer material than is presently available. We also have tried to obtain data on the hormone question by examining HPLC maps after digestion of the unmodified translation product and isolation of those proteolysis products that are recognized by various antibodies.

22 CO c ιο α 0. > < _β 1 ff" ■ο C 3 30 © (0 ω ■σ ο η . 4 ο X ? c 50 w < Ε Q. Ο ι5~ Jo 0 10 20 Fractions FIGURE 4. k^lnÄtu ch&omatogsiapky on [antt Np-Szpka/iooc 4B) conjugate.. ejac£ivitieA we/ie. coadAonbod on the. Amnanoad^oKbdwt ufaJUiz Atanda/id 12$J-AVP ( ■ ■ ■ ■ ) ωαό not. A and B tndUxiate. thz walking and eZatton bu^o/u. IviAtt : Tko. , 19&0, by peMmibÄsLon). 140,000 daltons Np and AVP-like immunoreactivities could be shown to be co-adsorbed and simultaneously desorbed by a dras^ tic pH change (Fig.

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