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The membrane bounding it is continuous with the plasma membrane surrounding the cell. This means materials can pass along the endoplasmic reticulum until they are deep within the cell without having to cross over the plasma membrane. ● There are two types of ER: smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) and rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER). ribosomal subunits containing ribosomal RNA (rRNA) ● large subunit small subunit Animal cell rough endoplasmic reticulum Rough endoplasmic reticulum Both SER and RER are made up of plasma membrane, but RER has small bodies called ribosomes attached.

The fruit develops from the remains of the ovary wall. Fruits show many adaptations to aid the dispersal or eventual germination of the seed. ● zygote endosperm nuclei embryo Endospermic seeds At fertilization, the pollen tube delivers two generative nuclei (male gametes) to the embryo sac (see page 60). One nucleus fuses with the female nucleus and will become the new plant. The other fuses with the polar bodies and develops into endosperm tissue that acts as a food store for the growing zygote.

The supercoil unravels when the cell is not dividing so that the enzymes of the nucleus can get easy access to the genes in the DNA strand. ● The supercoil condenses during cell division to make it easier to ensure that each daughter cell gets a copy of all of the genes from the parent. © Diagram Visual Information Ltd. ● chromatin is highly condensed in a supercoil DNA double helix 39 Summary of protein synthesis UNITY Key words amino acid enzyme messenger RNA ribosome transcription Protein synthesis movement of mRNA from nucleus to cytoplasm Transcription nuclear membrane circulation of tRNA from cytoplasmic pool to ribosome to cytoplasmic pool transfer RNA translation Protein synthesis ● Protein synthesis requires two major processes: translation and transcription.

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