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It is a translation of the 1911 Biblisch-Talmudiesche Medizin , an largely researched textual content that gathers the clinical and hygienic references present in the Jewish sacred, ancient, and felony literatures, written via German medical professional and pupil Julius Preuss (1861-1913).

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Ed. Sillig. Dresden 1838 Vol. 6 38. Celsus. Book 7 Chapt. 29 39. The case involves a man who inserts his hand in his bondmaid's womb and blinds the child within her. 40. Exodus21:26 41. Chullin 58a & passim 42. Tosefta Makkoth 2:5; Tosefta Baba Kamma 6: 17; Tosefta Gittin 4:7 43. Oefele, in Pagel-Neuburger. Handbuch der Geschichte der Medizin 1:82 14 BIBLICAL-TALMUDIC MEDICINE law 44 : a person who intended to kill person A, but actually killed person B, cannot be punished for murder or for manslaughter 45 • If the mother, then, dies during the dismemberment of her fetus through the fault of the physician, and if the exemption from liability in a case of error in objecto is considered admissible, then the operator would normally be exempt from punishment according to this principle, since he was not intent on harming the mother.

12 126. Ed. 47 127. Second Kings 4:18 ff 128. ibid 20:7 129. ibid2:21 130. Jeremiah 8:22 131. Second Chronicles 16: 12 132. Job 13:4 133. Tosefto Oholoth 4:2 134. DeMeth. Med. 2:7; Kuhn 10:142 135. Suidas 2:173. Ed. ll32 136. Liber 2:8. Aristipp. ed•. Cobet. 57. Number 17 in the list is an iotros or physician who is a disciple of Athenltus. 20 BIBLICAL-TALMUDIC MEDICINE which seem to support the assumption that he studied in Alexandria. These citations, perhaps referring to autopsy, relate that every sow and every cow, prior to being exported from Alexandria, was castrated in order to prevent propagation of what they considered the best breed of pigs and cows outside the native country of Egypt 13 7 • We are also told that he came to the house of study in response to an inquiry by the Rabbis, either in Tarsis 138 or in Lydda 139 , and explained that the several vertebrae and skulls placed before him did not derive from the same skeleton.

Lament-ations Rabbah 2:11 fol23b 8. Kiddushin 24b 9. Je&ushalmi Shabbath 6; 8c 10. Kelim 26:5 11. Tosejta Shekalim 1:6 12. Kelim 16:8, according to the commentary of Maimonides, which, however, is only valid for his own time 13. Genesis Rabbah 10:6; see also Sirach 38:4 14. Yoma83b; TosejtaShabbath 14:14 11 ll BIBLICAL-TALMUDIC MEDICINE to prescribe certain dietary regulations for injured people 1 5• If someone falls off the roof, the rophe is summoned and applies plaster to his head, his hands and his feet and all other limbs, until the patient is all plaster 16 • He opens abscesses skillfully "as the physicians do" 17 , opens the skull with the physician's drill 18 , splits the brain 19 , and closes the defect with pumpkin peel 20 • As early as the time of the Temple, amputation of diseased limbs was already carried out by the rophe, not only on lepers 21 , but also for other indications, possibly referring to serious lymphangitis 22 • He also cut away gangrenous parts 23 • The treatment of bone fractures was also his task.

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