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By Jean Paul Sartre, Hazel Barnes

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Being and Nothingness

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Furthermore if the series of appearances were finite, that would mean that the first appear­ ances do not have the possibility of reappearing. which is absurd, or that they can be all given at once, which is still more absurd. Let us understand indeed that our theory of the phenomenon has replaced the reality of the thing by the objectivity of the phenomenon and that it has based this on an appeal to infinity. The reality of that cup is that it is there and that it is not me. We shall interpret this by saying that the series of its appear­ ances is bound by a principle which does not depend on my whim.

It seems rather that we 1 From Greele 1~1I. Sartre seems to have ignored. " Tr. THE PURSUIT OF BEING xlvii have converted them all into a new dualism: that of finite and infinite. n fact can not be reduced to a finite series of manifesta­ tions since each one of them is a relation to a subject constantly chang­ ing. Although an object may disclose itself only through a single Abschat­ tung, the sole fact of there being a subject implies the possibility of multiplying the points of view on that Abschattung.

HAZEL E. BARNES University of Colorado INTRODUCTION The Pursuit of Being I. THE PHENOMENON MODERN thought has realized considerable progress by reducing the exist· ent to the series of appearances which manifest it. Its aim was to over­ come a certain number of dualisms which have embarrassed philosophy and to replace them by the monism of the phenomenon. Has the attempt been successful? In the first place we certainly thus get rid of that dualism which in the existent opposes interior to exterior.

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