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By Jean-Paul Sartre

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The customarily criticized philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre encompasses the dilemmas and aspirations of the person in modern society. This paintings of strength and epic scope offers a brilliant research for all who might comprehend probably the most influential philosophic activities of this or any age. Reissue.

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Consciousness is inconceivable other than as temporal. In fact, as I’ve been more than hinting, time and consciousness are almost the same thing. Existentialism recommends bravely accepting that this is how life is and making the most of it. It recommends building your life on the firm basis of hard, uncomfortable truths rather than the shifting sands of soft, comfortable delusions. Ironically perhaps, there is also the suggestion that people will actually be happier and relatively more satisfied if 36 How to Be an Existentialist they accept what the endless temporal flight of consciousness towards the future implies, namely, that it is alien to the human condition for a person to be completely satisfied and contented for any length of time.

If he is eating, his meal lacks being eaten. If he is half way through a movie the movie lacks an ending so far. If the movie is poor and he does not care about the ending then his situation lacks interest. If he is tired he lacks sleep (tiredness is lack of sleep). If he has just awoken and is ready for the day he lacks the things he hopes to achieve that day and so on and so on. 30 How to Be an Existentialist In general, a person always lacks the future towards which he is constantly heading, the future which gives meaning to his present actions and beyond which he hopes in vain to be fulfilled and at one with himself.

The ‘cripple’ who always chooses to push himself and do as much as he can, or the lazy, obese person who always chooses the soft option and does as little as possible except when it comes to eating crap and making excuses? Perhaps the only truly disabled people in this world are those who have a disabling attitude. To insist that a disabled person is, existentially speaking, responsible for his disability, is certainly a tough and uncompromising view. It even seems harsh and politically incorrect in our contemporary excuse culture that consistently undervalues individual responsibility and consist- What is Existentialism?

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