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F o r τ > 0 the con­ tour is closed in the lower half-plane and only the poles ω = ω — iyJ2 and ω = — ω — iyJ2 are needed in the evaluation of the integral. F o r | ι — ι\ (ι + ι ) neglect the terms in / i / * which in the denom­ inator depend on (ω ± ω )(ω ± co ). These residues are proportional to ( ] T) 2 χ λ ω ω < < : ω ω w e c a n χ 2 poles :^ • 0 0 1 \ 1 1 I 1 · ^ 1 • 1 °°» Τ > 0 Fig. 7 Integration contour in the complex plane for the evaluation of the coherence function of two infinitely long decaying sinusoidal wave trains with frequencies ω ,ω and decay rates y y , respectively [Eqs.

0 Fig. 1 Frequency spectrum of a sinusoidal wave train with frequency ω and duration T. 89)/Γ [Eq. 48)]. 0 In Fig. 1 the quantity within braces is plotted as a function of (ω — ω ) Τ . 89)/Τ. F o r most wave trains there is a definite relationship between the average duration Δί and the half-width Δ ω of the corresponding spectrum. F o r a square pulse the average duration is equal to the duration Τ and Δί Δ ω ~ 2π. The time Δί is called the "coherence time" of the wave. 49) where λ is the m e a n wavelength and Αλ the bandwidth in wavelength units (5, p.

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