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The purpose of this paintings of reference is to supply a whole year-by-year record of officers from archaic and classical Athens, in addition to, the place acceptable, a quick become aware of in their actions, together with all of the proof concerning an individual's place of work in a specific 12 months. It additionally includes all country decrees datable to any 12 months or which comprise appropriate info. It deals a simple reference, of a sort that has formerly been missing, for the examine of Athenian magistracies and reputable lifestyles. The advent provides crucial information of the positions incorporated, and the indexes supply an alphabetic directory of people with their workplaces, an inventory via geographical provenance (demes), and a sign of files of disputed date. so far as attainable using Greek and Latin has been kept away from so that the ebook could be available to a large readership. it's going to end up a basic software for destiny examine.

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4. Hieropoioi/syllogeis. , for syllogeis (three per tribe) in the fourth century acting as hieropoioi. For first evidence see 336/5 (perhaps), though syllogeis appear in 341/40. 5. Hieropoioi for the Pythais. They are found in 330/29 to the number 17 Introduction of ten, apparently one per tribe, possibly from the boule, which appointed theoroi to the festival (Dem. 128). 6. The suggested hieropoios to Delphi in the appendix to Section IX may be of similar sort. Delos 1. Amphiktyons. See Rhodes, Comm.

2. Theft in general. 3. Theft from temples. 4. Idleness and vagrancy. 5. Procedure against attempts at tyranny: Gagarin, TAPhA 1981, 71-7. 6. Training and education of children and young men. 7. Proper worship. 8. Special oaths. 9. Debt and land tenure. Not all of these are to be accepted without question and Drakon did not create a constitution as such. 615/14 (Ol. 2) Archon HENIOCHIDES PA 6427 Dion. 1. For the name cf. IG ii2 2823; 7553. 607/6 (Ol. 38^; Plut. Mor. 858a; Diog. 25; Festus 358 L; schol.

1. 636/5 (Ol. 1) Basileus EPAINETOS PA 4746 A notorious fragment of one Hippys of Rhegion (FGH 554 F 3; Samuel, Chron. 200, calls him Hippias, the MS has Hippon) includes the words ev *A$rivais €7TI jSacuAccos 'Eircuverov, dating this as Ol. e. 636/5 - 633/2, in which Olympiad the stadion victor was Arytamas the Lakonian. No such victor is known: Eusebios has Phrynon of Athens as victor in Ol. 36. The whole citation is problematic and it hardly seems possible to emend one's way out of the difficulty if it involves changing the Olympiad, the name of the victor and the office of Epainetos.

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