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V < E/6 v Then A X. ~ K~ I l~Iv = I) We call is continuous Uv topological K* (all v) v, or e q u i v a l e n t l y the group of "v-adic units". and the value well as closed and compact. 1). Endowed with c o m p o n e n t w i s e m u l t i p l i c a t i o n , a locally compact group continuous, call JK using the fact that the group of ideles of it is continuous Kv such that An idele l~vl v = 1 a in each Kv). We K. theory of adelic is the appropriate way to approach d o w n - t o - e a r t h way.

B r l ) = w~ = i) to obtain: Wk = B = Bw0 so (B _l )w, the last factor using 12(a): WoW BW being work Then inside collapse parentheses The p r e c e d i n g conform with wow the first from right development the c o n v e n t i o n -I B'B = wB n k terms to Bw to left. :follows Richen of Borel [5], [I]. In order to if there exists we set (= B-- 1) W THEOREM 3. G = Proof. G = ~,J BwB w~W (by Theorem l ( a ) ) = kJ B- 1 B lWB w~W ww- (by Lemma 13) = U B'wB, w~W w DEFINITION. a normal subgroup Example.

Into the "infinite" Indeed, l(~) Rr+s-I domain now to see how the construction ferring in term is compact. 3 We proved the compactness a fundamental the reader Let ~ E JK0 not translate K* ly the ideal domain to Lang for class group PK This C in the picture. r, s, Card RK, Moreover, K * in JK0 and (~K) , h = class number, l Thereto get for A(U K) of of radius generating but it does on certain the p a r a l l e l o t o p e (one the choice by restricting for a lattice DK, K up to elements on the circle root of depend is precise- domain.

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