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By Domenico Bonamonte, Gianni Angelini

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This well-illustrated fast reference e-book, now in its moment variation, is a accomplished consultant to the aquatic epidermis ailments as a result of biotic and non-biotic noxae. it's going to support the dermatologist in spotting and treating a bunch of unusual stipulations which are however gradually expanding in incidence as a result of wider use of the hydrosphere for vacation, game, and occupational actions all year long. past the thorough exam of the dermatoses brought on by quite a lot of organisms equivalent to jellyfish, sea anemones, echinoderms, molluscs, algae, aquatic worms, and fish, realization is interested in capability systemic reactions, that are critical or perhaps deadly. furthermore, the whole spectrum of wound infections and reactions because of microscopic organisms populating the aquatic atmosphere, e.g., mycobacteria, streptococci, Aeromonas, and vibrios, is taken into account. eventually, exact cognizance is paid to the various different stipulations associated with salt or freshwater touch, together with aquagenic urticaria and pruritus, chlorine inflammation, touch dermatitis from swimming or diving apparatus, surfer’s nodules, and chemical conjunctivitis. Aquatic Dermatology may be a brief connection with enhance wisdom of the aquatic surroundings and its hazards, and a useful gizmo to clinicians and execs training in coastal and marine areas.

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The skin complaint provoked intense pain and burning and was associated with headache, nausea, vomiting, bronchospastic crises and muscle cramps. The onset of the skin complaint and subjective and systemic symptoms had occurred at the seaside near Bari, a few minutes after the child had sat down on a partly submerged rock. On examination of the place, we collected (with gloved hands) the jelly-like bodies of a few sea anemones that were identified 50 Fig. 33 Erythematovesicular reaction to sea anemone on a typical site Fig.

Sub, Catania, Italy) 32 D. Bonamonte et al. Fig. 10 Erythematooedematous reaction to jellyfish. The bell and tentacles are reproduced on the skin Fig. 11 Erythematooedematous reaction to jellyfish weeks. In the following 6 years, the same subject was repeatedly stung on various sites, provoking lesions lasting 10–15 days. Six years after the first episode, a further contact occurred on one side of the face, secondary to a Pelagia having entered the mask. This caused not only a local reaction but also the appearance of an intense, burning erythema on the site of the first lesion (the thigh), which resolved within about 10 days.

Unlike C. rastoni, C. alata can induce the Irukandji syndrome [168 ]. 42 D. Bonamonte et al. Fig. 26 The same case as in Fig. 25 (Courtesy of Prof. Vidal Haddad Jr, Department of Dermatology, Botucatu, University of São Paulo, Brazil) Morbakka (“fire jelly”) is a large carybdeid jellyfish found in Queensland, Australia. Its transparent bell is 10 cm high and 6 cm large [169]. Stings with its tentacles cause immediate burning pain lasting about 24 h and wheals 20 mm wide [25]. In approximately 10 % of stings, Morbakka may induce Irukandji-syndrome-type symptoms, although these are far less intense than the classic Irukandji syndrome [169].

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