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By C. Minoia, S. Caroli

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The booklet goals at providing an exhaustive survey of the functions of Electrothermal Atomization Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (ETA-AAS) with Zeeman heritage correction in numerous fields. the original function performed by way of the approach in fixing very important analytical difficulties encountered at the present time is highlighted during the 29 chapters which make up this multiauthored paintings. the final photo that emerges from this number of contributions testifies to the adulthood reached via this instrumental technique and lays emphasis on its functions, nonetheless unrivalled for lots of components in phrases of
outstanding detection energy afforded and minimum quantities of pattern required.

After an introductory bankruptcy reviewing the main milestones of ETA-AAS over the many years, with precise regard to the heritage and idea of the Zeeman influence and its use in history correction, the contributions which stick with are disbursed into 4 major different types, facing the research respectively of environmental samples, average waters, foodstuffs and specimens correct to scientific and toxicological chemistry. The enormous impression of the process, as deduced from the literature released thus far, in addition to its destiny clients are defined within the ultimate paper

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