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Behandelt wird die elektromagnetische Feldtheorie. Vermittelt werden die daf? r erforderlichen mathematischen Methoden. Die Maxwell'schen Gleichungen werden vorgestellt und erl? utert. Es folgen Ausf? hrungen ? ber Elektrostatik, Str? mungsprobleme, Magnetostatik, quasistation? re Felder und elektromagnetische Wellen.

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Lett. 4, 853 (2004)] interactions and structures as dimensions are reduced. To become viable, protein nanoarrays will require the development of cost-effective fabrication approaches for the reliable nanoscale patterning of biological molecules over large areas on appropriate surfaces. 4 Summary Direct-growth and self-assembly provide the most direct route to creating nanomaterials from the bottom-up. 4 Summary 61 numbers using inexpensive physical or chemical approaches,26 in principle without limitations on the specific type of materials, and tremendous flexibility overall, as the very broad range of processes and structures discussed in this chapter attests.

59, 615 (1987), and references therein. The total interaction with the surface can be treated via the Lennard-Jones potential. , the tip-surface gap) is usually a very sensitive function, such as an exponential or power-law, which results in very high vertical resolution. 2 © The Author(s) 2016 C. 1007/978-3-319-31742-7_5 29 30 5 Scanning-Probe Methods Fig. 1 General schematic of SPM image acquisition. , piezoelectrics) that are interfaced to control electronics and a computer, which uses a feedback signal (typically electrical or optical) from the tip as it interacts with the surface to generate a topographical image from three-dimensional co-ordinates, point-by-point, during a scan.

Typically, this involve the isolation of different chemical/molecular species, which results in a stable dispersion of one type of 12 Similar junctions can be formed between two different (diameter or chirality) CNTs, however control during growth in this case is in general more difficult. , colloidal particles) being formed in some solvent. These methods can controllably produce various types of particles with diameters between *1 nm and 50 nm (and much larger) by varying the concentration of different chemical species in solution.

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