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8. Ml: turning, numerieally eontrolled lathe; Tl: transport by automatie guided vehicle; M2: milling by automatie maehine; T2: transport by overhead eonveyor; M3: heat treatment; T3: transport by overhead eonveyor; M4: polishing; M5: automatie inspeetion. This is an example of a system in series, whieh we can represent as in Fig. 11 because for the point of overall reliability the order is immaterial. 64 To improve this, we should replieate the least reliable systems, Ml and Tl; a possibility is to duplicate Ml and triplieate Tl, giving, in the actual order (Fig.

2 I SS~= Factor B s - rnL: [Y. ]2 = s-1 SS~ =B s-1 2 SS~B= r Interaction AB n s L: L:, [y" - - - Y, - V,. 6 Analysis of variance: summary table. 2 SS~ SE=rS(n_1) Statistica1 techniques 41 SSAB: (r - 1)(s - 1) SST: nrs - 1 SSE: (n - 1)rs Dividing the sums of squares by the respective degrees of freedom gives the estimates of the corresponding variances; all this is summarized in the table accompanying Fig. 6. If A, Band any interaction AB have no effect on the observations - the null hypothesis - these values SA 2, etc.

How important is this fault? Is it getting worse? HOW? What circumstances precede or follow the appearence ofthe fault? COMMENTS WHO? WHAT? 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. repair the fault; check that the repair has removed the fault; look for the root causes, and correct them; find the effects of these last corrections; check the findings against similar equipment; record all this in areport. The classic questions - who? what? where? when? how many/much? how? 3. If methods of investigation such as this are to have any real effect, they must be rigorously applied.

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