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By Marianne Rankin

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This complete new advent seems at religious reviews from previous to offer, from the reports of the founders of the foremost international spiritual traditions to occasions within the lives of normal buyers. Mystical and close to loss of life studies are incorporated. Examples are drawn from quite a few resources, together with unique debts from the Alister Hardy spiritual adventure examine Centre Archive on the college of Wales, Lampeter in addition to many given to the writer in individual.

Interpretations of those reports keep on with, from spiritual, philosophical and clinical viewpoints. quite a few questions are thought of. Is there a typical center to religious event? Do those studies supply facts of the lifestyles of God or of the opportunity of survival of dying?

This attention-grabbing paintings concludes with an review of what may be discovered approximately awareness, faith and what it's to be human.

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Out of the Body Experience (OBE) At times people feel themselves to be separate from their own body, usually watching it from the outside, often above. This is known as an Out of the Body Experience and tends to happen at times of stress or during accidents and traumatic situations. Such experiences lead to a consideration of what human consciousness is, challenging the materialist paradigm as the OBE seems evidence of some kind of mind-body dualism. Near Death Experience (NDE) This is often preceded by an OBE and takes place when the individual is clinically dead but has a coherent experience before being revived.

The Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads (hidden teachings) were interpretations of these texts. Later texts were distinguished from these original Vedas, by being designated as smriti, meaning ‘memory’. The principal teachings were that this eternally changing world is not reality itself, which is unchanging and eternal. The ground of all being, Brahman, is sat, cit, ananda – being, consciousness and bliss – and is identical with the individual soul, atman. This whole world is the perishable and the imperishable, the manifest and the unmanifest joined together – and the Lord bears it, while the self (atman), who is not the Lord, remains bound because he is the enjoyer.

Yet when we begin to speak 21 Religious and Spiritual Experience of that experience, we have once more to use the language of sense and reason, and the reality of that which we have experienced can never properly be expressed. This limitation imposes itself on all human language. The language of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, . . goes as far as it is possible to go towards breaking down this barrier. . The Bible is often described as the word of God, but it is the word of God expressed through the words of men with the inevitable limitation of all human words.

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