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By An-min Li

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During this monograph, the interaction among geometry and partial differential equations (PDEs) is of specific curiosity. It provides a selfcontained creation to analyze within the final decade referring to worldwide difficulties within the idea of submanifolds, resulting in a few forms of Monge-Ampère equations.

From the methodical viewpoint, it introduces the answer of sure Monge-Ampère equations through geometric modeling strategies. right here geometric modeling skill the fitting selection of a normalization and its precipitated geometry on a hypersurface outlined through a neighborhood strongly convex international graph. For a greater figuring out of the modeling options, the authors provide a selfcontained precis of relative hypersurface concept, they derive vital PDEs (e.g. affine spheres, affine maximal surfaces, and the affine consistent suggest curvature equation). bearing on modeling strategies, emphasis is on rigorously dependent proofs and exemplary comparisons among diversified modelings.

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In the following we will investigate classes of hypersurfaces that satisfy Euler-Lagrange equations of certain variational problems. One verifies that such Euler-Lagrange equations are again gauge invariant relations; see [87]. 5in ws-book975x65 Chapter 4 The Theorem of J¨ orgens-Calabi-Pogorelov In this chapter we are going to use geometric tools for the solution of certain types of Monge-Amp`ere equations. For this interplay of global affine differential geometry and PDEs we use the terminology geometric modelling technique.

7) and ∆ξk = − n+2 2 H (grad ln ρ, grad ξk ) . 4 generates a conformal class of metrics as follows: For a fixed α ∈ R, set G(α) := ρα H, here and later we call G(α) an α-metric. 9) where ∆(α) is the Laplacian with respect to the α-metric. (α) α-Ricci curvature. 10) here “,” denotes the covariant derivation with respect to the Calabi metric H. 1, all relative metrics define a conformal class C = {h} and all conormal connections a projectively flat class P = {∇∗ } with torsion free, Ricci-symmetric connections.

In this case the affine Weingarten operator B has n real eigenvalues λ1 , λ2 , · · ·, λn , the affine principal curvatures. Then: (i) The relation B = L1 · G is equivalent to the equality of the affine principal curvatures: λ1 = λ 2 = · · · = λ n . (ii) All affine principal curvatures are constant. (iii) An affine hypersphere is called an elliptic affine hypersphere if L1 > 0; it is called hyperbolic if L1 < 0; it is called parabolic if L1 = 0. Obviously the parabolic affine hyperspheres are exactly the improper affine hyperspheres.

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