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This can be the 3rd quantity of an occasional sequence of books facing facets of lipid methodology.  The participants talk about and learn positional isomers of glycerolipids, long-chain acyl-coenzyme A esters, 31P nuclear magnetic resonance profiling of phospholipids and a few vital references in lipid method.

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An appropriate quantity of known material, usually equivalent to a signal half the intensity of the resonance in question, is added to the sample and coalescence of the sample and added resonances determined. Some perturbing factor discussed above, such as changing counter cations, changing concentration, or changing the degree of sample hydration, should be applied to be certain that the observed signal coalescence is real by the line-width test. Such procedures are usually sufficient to determine the identity of the more common phospholipids for which appropriate standards are available.

With the exception of the ethanolamine plasmalogen (EPLAS), the phospholipids that show a chemicalshift-concentration dependence are negatively charged under the conditions of the determination; those that show no such dependence are zwitterionic and neutral. 3. Effect ofacyl side chains on phosphorus chemical shifts Regardless of the nature of the phospholipid polar head group, there is essentially no contribution to the chemical shift of the length of the esterified fatty-acid side chains, unless these chains are under 6 carbons.

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