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C , a n d Mastin, C . W . (1974). / . Comput. Phys. 15, 299. Tuck, J. (1968). Eur. Conf. Controlled Fusion Plasma Phys. , 2nd, 1968 V o l . 2, p. 595. Wagner, C. E . , a n d Manheimer, W . M . (1973). Proc. Conf. Numer. Simul. Plasmas, 6th 1973 Lawrence Livermore L a b . Conf. R e p . 730804. , M o n t i c e l l o , D . , R o s e n b l u t h , Μ . N . , and Strauss, N . (1974). Plasma Phys. , 1974, V o l . 1 , p. 495. , Hicks, H . , a n d D o r y , R. A . (1974). "Preliminary Results o f the 3 D N o n l i n e a r Ideal M H D C o d e , " O R N L T M 4784.

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