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This can be the 1st in particular designed key to the translation of yankee rock artwork. curiosity within the topic has grown considerably between specialist archaeologists and trained lay individuals lately, however the goal and that means that the exciting symbols had for his or her creators stay a secret. even though the importance of the symbols isn't recognized for sure, expert guesses will be made. The "Field advisor" brings jointly six hundred commentaries on particular symbols through over 100 archaeologists, anthropologists, researchers, and local American informants. meant for use within the box, in addition to a reference, the publication contains a pictorial key in the beginning and is prepared by way of tentative that means or by way of description. The reader can simply locate the single or numerous of the five hundred illustrations that the majority heavily fit the emblem in query. Patterson emphasizes the tentative nature of the interpretations and has incorporated an index by way of impartial archaeological description in addition to whole documentation of each excerpted remark. the diversity of the ebook is from the northern states of Mexico to Utah and from California to Colorado.

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Storyteller (see Waving Man) Sun (see also Concentric Circles, Pit, and Solstice) · Circle with rays. · Concentric circles, often with dot in center. · Circle with face or designs. · Circle with cross and rays. · Pit. Supernova · Crescent with circle or star. Swallower · Anthropomorph swallowing arrow, stick or bough. Swastika (see also Friendship and Migrations) · Swastika, with arms pointing either clockwise or counter- clockwise. T-Shaped · T-shaped. Tablet, Tableta, or Tabla · Stepped-pyramid design worn on top of the head or mask.

Beans (see also Diamond Chain) · Circle with dot. · Line with hook. Bear · Large quadruped with claws. · Paw print with claws. · Paw print with dots for toes and claws. Bird-Headed Humans · Anthropomorph with bird in place of head or on top of head. Birthing (see also Two-Headed) · Anthropomorph with small figure between legs or adjacent to main figure. Blanket Designs (see also Pottery or Textile Designs) · Rectangle or square with interior design, often with ''tassels" at corners. Boat · Horizontal banana-shape with multiple vertical lines extending from top side.

Page 1 FINDER: HUMANLIKE ArrowArrowArrowAtlatl BeansBird-Headed HumansBird-Headed HumansBirthing BirthingBlanket DesignBlanket DesignBow BowBullroarerButterflyCloud CloudCoitusCoitusCombat Page 2 CornCornCrookCuring CuringDancers in RowDancers in RowDeath DeathDeathDragonflyEar Extensions Ear ExtensionsFamilyFamilyFamily FeatherFemale FigureFemale FigureFemale Figure Page 3 Flute PlayerFlute Player or KokopelliFlute Player or KokopelliFlute Player or Kokopelli FootprintsFootprintsGod of DeathGod of Death God of DeathGod of DeathHandprintHandprint HandprintHandprintHeaddress or ShamanHeaddress or Shaman Headdress or ShamanHeaddress or ShamanHeaddress or ShamanHeaddress or Warriors Page 4 Head HuntingHead HuntingHead HuntingHead Hunting or Masks HeadlessHeadlessHeadlessHeadless HockerHockerHornsHorns HorsemenHorsemenHuman FigureHuman Figure Human FigureHuman FigureHunter's DisguiseKatcina-Ahole Page 5 Katcina-AholeKatcina-Cha'veyoKatcina-CholawitzeKatcina-Cloud Katcina-Deer Katcina-Dumas or TumashKatcina-HeheaKatcina-Hemis or Tableta Katcina-Mudhead ClownsKatcina-Mudhead ClownsKatcina-Planet or StarKatcina-Sayathlia Katcina-SayathliaKatcina-SayathliaKatcina-ShalakoKatcina-Shalako Katcina ClanMirror ImageMirror ImageMother of Animals Page 6 Mother of AnimalsMother of AnimalsMother of AnimalsPatterned Body Anthropomorphs Patterned Body AnthropomorphsPhallic FigurePhallic FigurePhosphenes Power LinesPower Lines or Spirit HelpersPraying PersonPraying Person PregnancyQuetzalcoatlQuetzalcoatlRain God Rain GodRain GodRain GodRattle Page 7 RattleRunnerRunnerShaman ShamanShieldsShieldsShields SnakesSpiralsSpiralsSpirits SpiritsSwallowerSwallowerSwallower SwallowerTwin War GodsTwin War GodsWarriors or Four Circles Page 8 WarriorsWarriorsWaving ManWaving Man Weeping EyeWeeping EyeX-Ray Style Page 9 FINDER: ANIMALLIKE Arrow or Mountain SheepBadgerBadgerBreath Coyote, Dog, or WolfCoyote, Dog, or WolfCoyote, Dog, or WolfCoyote, Dog, or Wolf CornCrane or HeronDatura or DotDeer or Elk or Heart Line Deer or ElkDragonfly or Water SkateDragonflyDragonfly EagleEagleEagleEagle Page 10 EnclosuresEnclosuresEnclosuresFacing Birds Facing BirdsFishFishFish FishFrogFrogFrog Heart LineHornsHuntingHunting HuntingKinship LinesKwatakaKwataka Page 11 Lightning or SnakesMastadonMountain LionMountain Lion Mountain SheepMountain SheepParrotParrot ParrotPlumed SerpentPlumed SerpentPlumed Serpent Praying ManPregnancyRabbitRabbit RabbitRabbitRed AntRed Ant Page 12 RiverSnakesSnakesSnakes SpeechSpider or Spider WebSpider or Spider WebSpider or Spider Web SpiritsSpirit HelperSpirit Helper Thunderbird ThunderbirdTurkey or Bird-Headed HumanTurkeyTurkey Two-HeadedWater SkateWater SkateX-Incurved Page 13 X-Ray StyleX-Ray Style Page 14 FINDER: ABSTRACT ArrowAtlatlAtlatlAtlatl BeansBeans or DotsBearBear Blanket DesignBoatBoatBow BowBreathButterflyButterfly ButterflyCentipedeCentipedeCentipede Page 15 CloudCloudCloudCloud CometConcentric CirclesConcentric CirclesConcentric Circles CornCornCornCorn or Grid CornCrane or HeronCreator or Sky GodCrook CrossCross or QuetzalcoatlCrossCross Page 16 CrossDatura or SunDeer or ElkDeer or Elk Diamond Chain or SnakesDiamond Chain or SquashDotsDumbbell DumbbellEmergenceEmergenceEmergence EmergenceEnclosuresEnclosuresFeather Female Figure or VulvaFemale FigureFour CirclesFour Circles Page 17 Four CirclesFour CirclesFriendshipFriendship or Water GridGridGridGrid Hourglass or MasksHourglass or Twin War GodsHourglass or Twin War GodsIrrigation Irrigation or MapKatcina ClanLightningLightning MapMapMasksMaze Page 18 MazeMazeMedicine BagMedicine Bag Migrations Migrations or SpiralsMigrationsMoon MoonMoonMoonPhosphenes Pit & GroovePlanetariumPottery or Textile DesignsPottery or Textile Designs Pottery or Textile DesignsRainRainRainbow Page 19 RainbowRainbowRattleSandals SandalsShellShellShields ShieldsShrineSipapuSipapu SolsticeSpeechSpider or Spider WebSpirals or Phosphenes Squash or Squash BlossomSquash or Squash BlossomSquash or Squash BlossomStaff or Crook Page 20 Staff or CrookStaff or CrookStaff or CrookStar StarStarStarStar SunSunSun Sun SunSun or CrossSupernovaSupernova SupernovaSupernovaSwastikaSwastika Page 21 SwastikaT-ShapedTabletTablet TabletTabletVulvaVulva VulvaWaterWaterWater Gourd Water GourdWater Gourd (double)Water Gourd (double)Weeping Eye WhirlwindWhirlwindX-IncurvedX-Incurved Page 22 ALPHBETICAL INDEX OF ASCRIBED MEANING OF ROCK ART SYMBOLS, PLUS RELATED SYMBOL DESCRIPTION ASCRIBED MEANING SYMBOL DESCRIPTION Arrow · Arrow.

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