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By A E Adams; W S MacKenzie

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42 42 Stained thin section, Middle Jurassic, England, PPL, × 40. 33 Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Under the Microscope 43 shows a fragment of a fairly thick-shelled bivalve, the structure of which is only faintly seen in this plane-polarised light view. However, in 44, taken with polars crossed, the prismatic structure is visible, comprising crystals aligned roughly at right angles to the shell margins. At first sight 45 contains nothing that could be clearly identified as a shell fragment. However, to the right of centre there is a transverse section of a small group of calcite prisms and the rest of the sediment contains individual calcite prisms.

44 Bioclasts In 64–66 no trace of the original shell structure is visible; the casts formed by complete solution of the aragonite shell, followed by precipitation of cement into the void at a later date. However, as with bivalves, gastropod shells can also be neomorphosed to calcite and in such cases some trace of the original structure is retained. 67 is a photograph of a thick-shelled gastropod in which the original aragonite shell has been replaced by blocky calcite. In a number of places a trace of the original crossedlamellar structure is still visible and towards the centre there is minor replacement by blue-stained ferroan calcite.

In 40 a lithoclast is cemented in a bioclastic grainstone. The grain must have been lithified at the time of reworking to allow the rounding of the echinoderm fragment seen at the left-hand end of the clast. It is also of a more carbonate mud-rich lithology than the grainstone in which it is now incorporated. 39 39 Stained thin section, Lower Jurassic, South Wales, PPL, × 34. 40 40 Stained thin section, Lower Carboniferous, Derbyshire, England, PPL, × 15. 30 Peloids, Aggregate Grains, Intraclasts and Lithoclasts 41 shows a limestone in which all the grains are compacted together so that there is no visible matrix or cement.

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