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By Michal Krizek, Florian Luca, Lawrence Somer, A. Solcova

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French mathematician Pierre de Fermat turned finest for his pioneering paintings within the region of quantity concept. His paintings with numbers has been attracting the eye of novice mathematicians for over 350 years. This e-book used to be written in honor of the four-hundredth anniversary of his delivery and relies on a chain of lectures given by way of the authors. the aim of this e-book is to supply readers with an summary of the various houses of Fermat numbers and to illustrate their a number of appearances and functions in parts similar to quantity idea, chance idea, geometry, and sign processing. This e-book introduces a normal mathematical viewers to simple mathematical principles and algebraic equipment hooked up with the Fermat numbers and should offer beneficial analyzing for the beginner alike.
Michal Krizek is a senior researcher on the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and affiliate Professor within the division of arithmetic and Physics at Charles collage in Prague. Florian Luca is a researcher on the Mathematical Institute of the UNAM in Morelia, Mexico. Lawrence Somer is a Professor of arithmetic on the Catholic college of the United States in Washington, D. C.

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For any n ::; 2m - 1 we have Proof. 4). 10. All Fermat numbers are primes or pseudoprimes to the base 2. Moreover, if 2n + 1 is a pseudoprime to the base 2, then n is a power of 2. Proof. 8. Suppose now that n is not a power of 2 and that 2n + 1 is a pseudoprime to the base 2. 5) 4. The most beautiful theorems on Fermat numbers since gcd(2, 2 n + 1) = 37 1. Note that and that 2n < 2n + 1. Let e = ord2n+12. Then e 2: n 2t == 1 (mod 2n + 1), then e I t. 13, if + 1), it follows that e = 2n. 13, we have 2n I 2n.

By ruler and compass) if and only if the number of its sides is equal to n = 2i pIP2 .. Pj , where i ~ 0, j ~ 0, n ~ 3 are integers and PI> P2, ... , Pj are distinct Fermat primes. The proof, which is based on Galois theory, will be given in Chapter 16. 3 leads to the regular 60-gon. Gauss's construction of the regular heptadecagon corresponds to i = 0, j = 1, PI = 17 (this problem is discussed in more detail in Chapter 17). M. 4. Up to now, we know exactly five Fermat primes. 3 there exist at least 31 regular n-gons with an odd number of sides that can be constructed by ruler and compass, since G) + C) + G) + G) + G) = 25 - 1 = 31.

The straight line corresponding to the linear Diophantine equation 2x - 3y = 1 cuts through the points ... , (-1, -1), (2,1), (5,3), (8,5), (11,7), ... 5. 2). 4, and we have 6y+2 x = 3y + -----U;--. , there exists an and thus y = 2v 4v - 2 + -6-' Similarly, we see that there must exist an integer w such that 4v - 2 = 6w, and thus v = w 2w+2 + --4-' 13 2. Fundamentals of number theory It is obvious that w has to be odd. In particular, we can take w = 1. By backward substitution, we successively find that v = 2, Y = 5, and x = 17.

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