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By Andrew Morton

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ISBN-13: 9781455552023

A meticulously researched historic journey de strength in regards to the mystery ties between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor, and Adolf Hitler ahead of, in the course of, and after international conflict II.
Andrew Morton tells the tale of the feckless Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor, his American spouse, Wallis Simpson, the unusual wartime Nazi plot to make him a puppet king after the invasion of england, and the tried cover-up by way of Churchill, basic Eisenhower, and King George VI of the duke's kin with Hitler. From the alleged affair among Simpson and the German international minister to the invention of best mystery correspondence concerning the guy dubbed "the traitor king" and the Nazi excessive command, it is a saga of intrigue, betrayal, and deception suffused with a heady aroma of intercourse and suspicion.
For the 1st time, Morton unearths the total tale in the back of the cover-up of these damning letters and diagrams: the bold heist ordered via King George VI, the graceful duplicity of a Soviet undercover agent in addition to the sour rows and recriminations one of the British and American diplomats, politicians, and teachers. Drawing on FBI files, particular photographs, and fabric from the German, Russian, and British royal data, in addition to the non-public correspondence of Churchill, Eisenhower, and the Windsors themselves, 17 CARNATIONS is a blinding old drama, jam-packed with event, intrigue, and startling revelations, written by means of a grasp of the style.

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I n s t e a d , the 2 n d Tank Army's mission a p p e a r s to have been to establish a bridgehead over the N a r e w R i v e r n e a r P u l t u s k . W i t h b o t h this a n d the e x i s t i n g b r i d g e h e a d over the V i s t u l a a t M a g n u s z e w , the First B e l o r u s s i a n F r o n t w o u l d h a v e b e e n in a g o o d p o s i t i o n t o encircle W a r s a w in a g i a n t p i n c e r a n d s t a r v e o u t b o t h the G e r m a n g a r r i s o n a n d the A K . It is u n l i k e l y t h a t R o k o s s o v s k y w a n t e d t o e n g a g e in a c o s t l y city b a t t l e either a g a i n s t the G e r m a n s or the P o l e s , w h e n he h a d the a r m o u r a v a i l a b l e s i m p l y t o c r e a t e a n o t h e r p o c k e t t h a t c o u l d be r e d u c e d at leisure.

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